Video Poker Basics

How To Play Video Poker

Winning a slot jackpot (Video Poker Game) is based solely on luck, you put your money into the machine and hit the spin button hoping that you hit the jackpot. There are no decisions to make that will affect the outcome of the spin. On the other hand, table games require skill as the decisions you make can determine whether you win or lose.

Most table games when played properly have a lower house edge than slot machines. Many players prefer not to play at the games because they can be intimidating and players are sometimes concerned they will look foolish if they make a wrong play so they feel more comfortable with playing at a slot machine.

video poker basics

Video Poker game is a game that requires skill and it bridges the gap between slot machines and table games for many gamblers and you’ve come to the right place if you’re looking to learn how to play Video Poker.

Video Poker game is based on the game of Draw Poker and has virtually the same rules except that you are not playing against other players.

How Video Poker Begins –

First, you place your wager into the machine, the machine deals you 5 cards on the screen, you then have the option of drawing up to five new cards. You can keep the cards you want to keep by pushing the ‘Hold’ button that corresponds to the card on the screen.

Once you have made your choice, you hit the ‘Deal’ button and the cards you chose to keep will stay on the screen and the cards you decided to discard will be replaced by new cards.

Your win or loss is determined by the outcome of your final hand after you hit the ‘Draw’ button. Your winnings are based on the paytable that is posted on the front of the machine

Most machines start the payouts with a pair of jacks or better, but the payouts vary based on which type of video poker game you’re playing. (Deuces Wild payouts start with 3 of a kind or better.) The top payout is normally reserved for a royal straight flush, but again, that varies according to different video poker machines too.