Double Bonus Video Poker

Double Bonus offers increased wins for all four of a kinds with a big pay off for four aces. The variance is almost twice that of Jacks or Better so you will find that Double Bonus is in general a more volatile game where you will experience bigger ups and downs.

The pay table below shows part of the reason why the game is so popular. The full pay version has a pay back of just over 100% coming in at 100.17%.

You have to play five coins to have any chance at getting the highest possible payback.

The slightly simplified playing strategy

To account for the increased payoffs on certain quads with certain kickers, it was necessary to use an average payoff of 220 for four aces and 100 for four 2’s, 3’s and 4’s. Current versions of Video Poker Tutor will actually handle such kicker situations, and the resulting probability figures will be a bit different, but the strategy is not significantly affected, so there’s nothing to be gained by a new analysis. The slightly simplified playing strategy given below will yield very close to the game’s maximum payback.